5 Most Popular Quail Types

The quail is a species of old world gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae. There are about 50 species, which are mostly native to Asian and African countries but with some reaching Australia and North America.

There are many different quail types, with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are very social and easy to care for, and can live as long as 20 years! Types of quail by species include the Coturnix, Minorcas, and Old English quail.

The Coturnix quail is also known as the Japanese quail and is an all-purpose breed that makes a good pet or field bird. Chukar partridges are a type of Old English quail and make excellent game birds.Let’s take a look at the different quail types. Make sure you provide your quail with the best quail feed.

5 popular quail types:

1. Coturnix quail

Coturnix quail are small and lightweight, making them ideal for transporting, or just having in a small space. They require little food, and they do not take up much space. The quail are only one of their four feet long. Coturnix quail are not just easy to care for, but they are also fun to interact with.

These quail are produced in the US and are ready to start laying eggs. They are hardy, high-quality and will provide you with years of delicious table eggs. Quail require little space because they do not fly or roost and can be kept in a variety of containers. Coturnix quail can become tame. Coturnix quail are omnivorous in nature, which means that they eat anything from protein to greens!

coturnix quail

2. Bobwhite quail

Bobwhite quail they can be found in grasslands and other areas of open land. Bobwhite quail need to be housed in a sturdy 3-foot high wire cage, with enough room for each bird to get away from its neighbors. They make great pets, with their loud advertising call and sweet personality!

Make sure to find a good cage for your little guys and provide them food, water and housing that is good for their needs. They can be kept in a backyard or even in an apartment, since they’re quiet pets. To make sure they’re doing well, clean their cages regularly and provide plenty of food, water, and grit.

bobwhite quail

3. California quail

The California quail is a native game bird that makes its home in the deserts of California, but it’s also grown to adapt to many other areas around the country. When you’re ready to bring this beautiful bird into your home, there are some things you need to know about how they interact with their environment and how best to care for them.

California quails are omnivores, eating seeds and berries as well as insects, grasses and greens. In the wild they eat mostly grasshoppers and crickets, but will also consume seeds from a variety of plants. A good mix of corn grits, cracked wheat and oats is ideal for quail food.

california quail types

4. Button quail

Button quails are small and easy to handle. They require minimal care and keepers should ensure proper diet, housing, and exercise for their birds. They are great for first time bird owners, and do not require a large cage. Button quails can live up to 8 years in captivity, making them a fun pet that can grow with your family. You’ll need to make sure you have the right food, water and room for them to roam around and play, and some toys or hiding spots.

button quail

5. Blue scale quail

The blue scale quail, one of the smallest game birds, is found from the shores of the Bosphorus to Afghanistan, and from Arabia to India. It is extremely prolific and escapes from captivity very freely. The preferred method for keeping them is in pairs or trios in large wire-bottomed cages, circular aviaries well supplied with grass, reeds and bushes. The birds should be separated from other game birds as they are extremely quarrelsome. This beautiful bird requires special care, including the proper diet and environment.

blue scale quail


It’s important to learn about quail before you’re ready to bring them home. Quail are very social birds that should be kept in pairs, but larger groups can live together if they have enough space. They should be provided with a clean environment that allows them to fly and move around freely, which means the cage must be large enough and must allow them to exercise.

Quail are a popular choice for small homesteaders and those who enjoy indoor and outdoor pets. There are a lot of different quail types. They are easy to care for, and their small size makes them great pets. In general, quail species can be kept in a spacious cage. Provide them with clean water and nutritious food on a daily basis.

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