Best Black Hardware Cloth

Whether it is skinning a chicken coop or covering an outdoor planter, black hardware cloths have many usages. But that’s not what we are here to discuss.

Figuring out how to pick the best black hardware cloth that satisfies your need is what we are here for.  Whatever purpose you have, let it be skinning, building planter, confining your pets in an area, etc., one thing you need to make sure — the hardware cloth needs to be strong and long-lasting. 

And that is pretty hard to find since there are dozens of hardware clothes available. Especially for beginners! But don’t worry! We are here for that! 

We have scanned through dozens of clothes and hand-picked 6 models that offer everything you expect from ideal black hardware cloth. These include strength, durability, and ideal weave sizes.

Quick View: Our Top 6 Black Hardware Cloth

  1. MTB Black PVC Coated 48 x 25 Hardware Cloth.
  2. MTB Galvanized 24 in x 25 ft Hardware Cloth.
  3. Fencer Wire 16 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh.
  4. Forimo 23 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Fence Mesh.
  5. Forimo 16 Gauge Hardware Cloth.
  6. Amagabeli 0.8mm Hardware Cloth.

What to Look for Before Buying Black PVC Coated Hardware Cloth?

The very first thing you need to do is determine why you need the hardware cloth. Is it for fencing an area? Skinning a coop? Covering planter? Whatever your need is, you will have to choose according to that if you want the best result. 

Let’s get started!


Hardware cloths are found in different materials, and each material has its advantage and disadvantages. 

  • Metal
  • Carbon Steel
  • Galvanized Steel


Once metal used to be the only material for hardware cloths. But not now!

The durability was good but they used to get rusty pretty fast. That caused people to shift to a better alternative. 

Carbon Steel

It is the perfect material for hardware clothes, and the only reason is, it is extremely ductile, which allows it to create tight and secure connections. Carbon steel is pretty durable, and they are corrosion-resistant. 

There are few variations in carbon steel hardware cloths.

  • Low Carbon Cloth
  • Medium Carbon Cloth
  • High Carbon Cloth

Low carbon steel is the weakest of all three and high carbon is the strongest one.  But that being said, the ductility of low carbon is higher than the high carbon, which makes it less brittle than the high one. 

Galvanized Steel

This is the most popular material for hardware clothes at present time. It is stronger than carbon steel, and at the same time, it can fight corrosion longer than carbon steel. 


There are mainly two types of hardware cloth, Woven, and Welded. 

  • Woven Hardware Cloth

 These hardware cloths are made using different techniques and methods. But the core method is intertwining the wires with one another by intersecting. The plus point of woven cloth is, it is less like to break. 

  • Welded Hardware Cloth

As the name suggests, wires are welded with each other. Welded wire mesh makes a very strong hardware cloth but is fragile. That being said, there is some flexible welding wire mesh hardware cloth that has a long service life.

Cloth Weave 

Hardware cloth weaves are the gaps in the cloth. You will see clothes coming with different weave sizes, and you have to choose according to your need. Will you be using the hardware cloth for chicken or rabbit coop? 

Then the weave size should be enough to prevent them from getting out. 

But if you will be using it for protecting your chickens or rabbits from predators then you will have to choose a size that will prevent anything that will be hurting them. 

Here are a few types of weaves,

  • Plain
  • Twilled
  • Dutch
  • Five Heddle


Whatever wire mesh hardware cloth you choose, make sure it comes with proper coating. That will work as extra protection. It could be PVC or vinyl coated, they would maximize rust resistance which will result in a longer lifespan.

6 Best Black Hardware Cloth Reviewed

It isn’t easy to sort through a bunch of different black hardware clothes to find the best one. But we have done the sweaty work and hand-picked 6 of the best models that are already making users satisfied.

1. MTB Black PVC Coated 48 x 25 Hardware Cloth

MTB Black PVC Coated Hardware Cloth 48 Inch

Start the review with MTB black PVC coated hardware cloth that promises to fill most of your needs. Fencing, planter guarding, coop skinning, lawn netting, drain covering, making home and garden fence, whatever it is, this MTB black hardware cloth can do it all. 

It is a 19 gauge galvanized steel constructed cloth coated with black PVC. So the quality of this cloth is the last thing you should worry about.  The PVC coating and 19 gauge galvanized steel can fight corrosion way longer than carbon steel. 

It features solid welded wire mesh with plain weaves, which tells it is extremely strong.  The mesh size is ½, it is small, good enough to prevent any predator from going inside the coop or fence. 

As you know hardware cloths come in rolls, the length of this roll is 25 feet, and the width is 24-inch, which is good enough for steel wire mesh fencing. 

Do you need more length and width? Not an issue at all! This MTB hardware cloth comes in different variations, the highest length is 50 ft and the highest width is 48-inch

Lastly, you can trim and install this cloth without sweating, just make sure you are using the right and sharp cutter. 


19-gauge galvanized steel for greater durability.
Welded wire mesh makes the cloth strong.
PVC coated mesh increase rust resistance.
Can be used almost everywhere. 


Few users might find it a little expensive

2. MTB Galvanized 24 in x 25 ft Hardware Cloth

MTB Galvanized Hardware Cloth 24 inch

Another one from MTB, but this one is a little bit more inexpensive than the previous one. That being said, the price did reflect on the quality of this MTB Galvanized cloth

It is constructed with a 23-gauge galvanized steel wire which is appreciable but it doesn’t come with PVC coating. 

But does it matter? Yes, it does!  PVC coating adds a layer of protection on the wire from natural threats like rain and UV-ray. Not having PVC coating means, it will rust faster than it would have with coating.

It can be used anywhere a hardware cloth fits, there are various size options to choose from. 

Having that said, we have seen that this cloth bends easily. Meaning, you shouldn’t use it for outdoor fences and confining big pets like dogs/cats.  It is a mesh welded cloth, so you can expect good strength but be careful, welded cloths could be brittle as well. 


23-gauge galvanized steel delivers optimum durability
Small mesh size prevents predators
Welded mesh offers good strength
Suitable for fencing and coops
Various size options


No PVC coating
Bends easily

3. Fencer Wire 16 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh.

Fencer Wire 16 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Wire Mesh

The Fencer Wire is a welded mesh cloth which makes it pretty durable and stable. It’s constructed with 16-gauge heavy-duty steel and Vinyl coating for rust protection.

Durability and stability, this wire mesh cloth offer both. But due to the lower gauge, this one is a little hard to trim. But people with the experience should get it done nicely. 

Even though the wires are welded, they are not brittle, unless someone intentionally tries to break them.  The height and length of this roll are 24 x 600 – inches. There are two more size variations which are 4 x 50-feet and 4 x 100-feet. Pick according to your need. 

It is a multipurpose wire mesh roll that can be used indoors and outdoors. This can even be used as window screens. There are weaves, and the size is 0.5 x 0.5-inch; pretty small, yes.  Despite being strong, this roll is lightweight and very easy to install. 


Heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction makes it durable.
The vinyl-coated wire prevents rust
0.5 x 0.5-inch mesh size makes it good for coops
Strong welded mesh wire joints
Lightweight and easy to install     
Comes in three size variations


A little hard to trim

4. Forimo 23 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Fence Mesh.

Hardware Cloth 23 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Fence Mesh

Looking for a black hardware cloth for a chicken coop? 

This Forimo fence mesh hardware cloth is a suitable thing for coops, planter fencing, and home improvement project. It comes with a 23 gauge steel construction that has a black vinyl coating on it.  Even though it has the coating for rust protection, it seems to get rusty pretty soon, that’s what we think from our observation.

You’ll also get a ¼-inch plain welded mesh. The problem with welded mesh is — once it starts to get rusty, it gets brittle and cracks easily. That is why we recommend it for chicken houses and planter fencing. 

One plus about this unit is, it is very flexible. You can easily roll it up or trim it. But once you see it getting rusty, don’t ever try to roll, it will start cracking. There are two size variations to choose from, 4 x 50-feet and 4 x 100-feet. Due to the longer width, the price is a bit much. 


23-gauge steel construction adds durability   
The vinyl coating protects from rust
1/4-inch small mesh is perfect for coops
Welded mesh joints give a decent service life
Available in two size variations


Catches rust faster, and Expensive

5. Forimo 16 Gauge Hardware Cloth.

Hardware Cloth 16 Gauge Black Vinyl Coated Welded Fence Mesh

Now we are looking at the Forimo 16 gauge Hardware cloth, a unit that might be the best for chicken coops. Not only poultry cooping but it can also be used for planter fencing, garden fences, for making property dividers, various home improvement projects, etc.

It has got 16 gauge galvanized steel construction. On top of that, it got a black vinyl double coating for top-notch rust protection.  You can fold or roll it with ease. Trimming it could be a little sweaty, though, but as long as you are using the right cutter, it should be fine. 

The hardware cloth features a 1.5-inch mesh which should be good enough to protect your poultry from predators like a snake, hawk, raccoons, etc.  Plus, the size of this hardware cloth is 3 x 50-feet. Unfortunately, there aren’t any size variations for this. 

Overall, this mesh wire cloth is highly durable, and the vinyl double coating makes it long-lasting as well. Make sure to use it where it fits, it should last enough to satisfy your need.


Constructed with 16-gauge galvanized steel
The vinyl coating keeps corrosion away
Long-lasting and durable unit
Works best for Poultry coop skinning
Trimming is easy with the right trimmer


Comes in only one size
A little bit pricey

6. Amagabeli 0.8mm Hardware Cloth.

Amagabeli Hardware Cloth

Last but not least, here we have the Amagabeli hardware cloth.  This is a hardware cloth model that is suitable for opossum rehab cages, snake fences, home and garden purposes, chicken coops, rabbit fencing, garden fence, flower beds, predator protection, and many more. 

Comes with 1/2 -inch mesh holes, that will even cover squirrels. Nothing except tiny insects will be able to cross the mesh. 

And since it is constructed with 0.8mm galvanized steel along with double zinc coating, that makes it durable enough to prevent any predator to get inside. 

The zinc coating makes this hardware cloth completely rustproof and as a result, it lasts longer.  You should not worry much about the strength of this cloth. The wires are well-welded and as mentioned has a coating as well. 

It offers 4 different size variations, 36-inch x 50-feet, 40-inch x 35-feet, 40-inch x 82-feet, and 48-inch x 100-feet. Choose the size that fits your need best.  It can be shaped according to your need, you should be able to easily cut it with a proper cutter.


Multi-purpose hardware cloth
Features 0.8mm galvanized steel construction
1/2-inch mesh size makes it ideal for cooping
Complete rust protection
4 Different size variations


Features 0.8mm galvanized steel construction

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between chicken wire and hardware cloth?

Chicken wires are lightweight and flexible mesh that is used for confining chickens or other poultries or can be used for gardens. But they are not meant to protect from predators.

On the other hand, hardware cloths are made of heavy-duty materials since they are supposed to prevent predators from crossing the wired mesh. 

2. How long does galvanized hardware cloth last?

A zinc-coated galvanized steel hardware cloth would last more than 30-years if maintained properly.

3. Will 1/2 inch hardware cloth keep out mice?

Yes, it should be enough to keep mice out.

4. Can I build steel wire walls with hardware cloth?

Sure you can! It is the same as wire fencing. Just make sure to pick a cloth that has a sturdy construction.

Final Words

That’s all about the best black hardware cloth. As long as you ensure durability and strength, you should not regret investing in these. 

Look out for a mesh square opening as well, it should be small enough to prevent whatever you don’t want inside it.

However, hope this article did help you. Let us know if we can do anything else.