Best Pigeon Feeders and Waterers

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Pigeons are one of the most common pets in the world. They are easy to get and very adorable to look at, making them a great pet bird. However, their maintenance can be a bit troublesome, especially feeding them. To make this easier, you need feeders, which will make your work less of a hassle.

Therefore we bring to you some of the best pigeon feeders and waterers. These pigeon feeders and waterers we have reviewed are of the highest quality, so they will last for a very long time. You will not face the typical inconveniences such as cracking or leakage with these in your pet’s cage.

Quick View: 7 Best Pigeon Feeders and Waterers

  1. WSERE 3 Pack Plastic Flip Top Bird Small Poultry Feeder
  2. RentACoop 1L(32oz) Automatic Fill Chick Cup Drinker Waterer
  3. Chicken Coop Feeder Water Cup
  4. Rite Farm Products 4 Pack of 2 Hole Plastic Outside of CAGE Mount FEEDERS
  5. RentACoop DIY Dual-Port Feeder
  6. POPETPOP Chicken Feeder Trough
  7. Rehomy Parrot Feeding Bowl Stainless Steel Bird Cage Food Water Feeder

Before You Buy What to Look for

Before we jump on to the list, have a look at these important factors which will help you to get the best deal.


The material of any product you buy matters a lot. Some items might be made with material that might not be the ideal material for that kind of product.

For example, if the phone is made of metal instead of plastic or plastic-like material. The phone will be very heavy to carry around, and the metal will conduct electricity which makes it very dangerous. In short, the whole thing will be very unconventional.

The case is very similar to the case of pigeon feeders and drinkers. There is a model which is made of wood which is not very smart to buy. The feeder will be outside all day, and in the rainy season, it will get wet. Sun rays will harm the wood as well.

All this will reduce its’ durability. You will need to invest again and get another one. It is wise to look at the material of the feeder and drinker.

There are feeders and drinkers in the market who are made will high quality materials. These feeders will last for a very long time saving you the extra money and hassle.

Feeder, Waterer or Both

There are thousands of models in the market which might confuse you. The trick is to decide first what you need first.

If you know what you need, then it will narrow down your search and make things easy for you. There are pigeon feeders with which you can only feed your pigeons. Then there are waterers who allow pigeons only to drink from it.  Finally, there are those models which let you do both.

So you have to choose according to your needs. If you need to only feed them, then go for the feeder. For only providing water, go for waterers. But it is always wise to choose something which allows you to do both.

User Friendliness

Now when you use something, you want it to make your life easy. You want to buy something investing money and then realize that the usage of the product is a hassle.

For example, when you buy a phone, you want to be easy to use. You want the task to be done with minimum taps. After buying the phone, if you realize that even the simple functions are hard to do, then the investment would be a total waste.

In the case of the pigeon feeder and drinker- by user-friendliness, we mean how easy it is to maintain. Go for something easy to clean and refill. 

• Size

The size of the feeder and drinker will depend on the number of pigeons you want to feed.

Now the capacity of the amount of food and water it can hold is dependent on the size. So for a small number, less food and water are needed; therefore, an average-sized feeder will work just fine. However, it is always recommended to get a big-sized feeder and drinker.

This is because the many pigeons might increase due to reproductions or simply to you want more pigeons. In that case, you will not need to get a bigger one. Additionally, a big-sized feeder will require fewer refills than a small-sized one.

Best Pigeon Feeders and Waterers

Here is a list of the top pigeon feeders in the market. We’ve chosen the list based on customer reviews and people’s overall experiences with the product.

1. WSERE 3 Pack Plastic Flip Top Bird Small Poultry Feeder

WSERE 3 Pack Plastic Flip Top Bird Small Poultry Feeder

If you’ve tried to feed pigeons or chickens before, you know that the main problem is food waste. Birds often seem to kick their feeders, spilling all the food inside. Once the food is spilled, they don’t touch it either, resulting in waste.

The main reason why the WSERE plastic poultry feeder is on top of our list is that it prevents that from happening.

There are separate holes for the birds to peak through to reach the food. This separate feeding method also makes the birds calmer. They do not see any competition as they feel like each of them has their share of food. Separate holes as such have been proven to prevent spillage and chaos amongst birds.

As the thing is quite colorful, if used outside, the feeder blends in with nature quite well. So if you plan on feeding the pigeons or any birds in your area, they won’t be scared or skeptical about the food that has been left out for them.

The edges are rounded and smooth so that they don’t hurt themselves while eating. This feature makes it the best pigeon feeder out of all.

A tiny three-hole punch-in lock system keeps the food secured inside. This also makes cleanup a whole lot easier afterward as there are no hard-to-reach crevices.


Colorful platters that invite birds and make them feel safer
Easy to wash and clean with color fading plastic construction
A three-hole punch lock system keeps food secured inside
Separate holes for the birds prevents spillage and chaos


Quite lightweight

These colorful platters are great for any kind of bird. They help keep the food separate for your pigeons and also have an easy maintenance procedure. The only thing that could raise some concerns is that it is not sturdy.

2. RentACoop 1L(32oz) Automatic Fill Chick Cup Drinker Waterer

RentACoop 1L(32oz) Automatic Fill Chick Cup Drinker Waterer

If the water that you have put out for your pigeon gets dirty, there is a high chance that the bird won’t drink from it. On the other hand, if you keep the feeder covered, the birds won’t know that there is water laid out for them.

With the RentACoop automatic waterer, you won’t have to worry about that. This thing comes with a 1L plastic waterer with an automatic water dispenser.

There is a cup attached to this waterer that keeps it refilling as the birds drink from it. This cup will always fill in half, so there is no chance of the water overflowing. Once the water is finished in this cup, more water is dispensed from the main waterer.

As the 1L waterer has a flip lid, there is no dirt or debris buildup. You can fill in this waterer once in the morning, and your pigeons will have enough clean water throughout the day. So if you don’t like to fill in your bird’s water cup now and then, this is the best pigeon drinker for you!

You get all the parts, such as the waterer, the flip-cap cover, metal clip, refill drinking cups, universal fit spring clip, and the elbow attachment with the purchase. There is a thorough guideline that will help you set the drinker up as well.


Comes with all the parts, tools, and easy instructions
Refills the water cup automatically
Flip-lid keeps the water clean throughout the day
Huge 1L bottle to prevent refilling over and over again
Can be attached both inside and outside of the cage


Quite prone to slipping when hung

Tired of refilling cups of water for your pigeon? Get this waterer for your birds, and you’ll never have to worry about such a thing again! Just be sure to hang the drinker properly so that it has no possibility of slipping

3. Chicken Coop Feeder Water Cup

Chicken Coop Feeder Water Cup

Sometimes all you need is a classic feeder for your pigeons, nothing fancy. The chicken coop is a great example of that.

Made with high-grade plastic, this pack of three feeders is completely safe for all sorts of birds! There is no odd smell in the water or food.

Also, as the edges are rounded, your birds can sit on the cups and drink from them without getting hurt.

It’s just a normal cup that you can put anything in, bird feed, homemade food for birds, water, and everything else.

This feeder stays put in place no matter how many birds attack it at once. The hook system stays put on the cage and does not fall off.

All your birds will be able to feed off of this cup easily, as it is quite spacious.

Keep in mind; you do have to wash the cup to keep it clean. Also, there is no automatic feature, so if you want to use the feeder for water, you need to refill the cups manually.

You need to be extra careful when using these as the cage needs to be opened quite a lot of times for you to change the food and waters. Your pigeons or birds could escape during this process.


Easy and simple to use
An affordable pack of 10 cups
Easy cleanup
Can hold bird feed or water both
Wide opening makes it easier for birds to feed off of
Stays in place thanks to the hooks


No automatic dispensary function
The cage needs to be opened often to change water and food

If you’re looking for simple cups to feed your birds off of, this is it. But if you are careful while changing the food and water, this one should work just fine.

4. Rite Farm Products 4 Pack of 2 Hole Plastic Outside of CAGE Mount FEEDERS

Rite Farm Products 4 Pack of 2 Hole Plastic Quail Pigeon Dove Bird Outside of CAGE Mount FEEDERS

Opening your bird’s cage too often might lead them to escape. With the Rite Farm Mount Feeder, you can avoid that.

Although the feeder will mount inside the cage, you can refill the food and water from outside the cage.

There is a small hole that you can slide the food and water down from the outside, and your birds will have full access to it inside.

You get four of such feeders in one pack. Each feeder has one slot for water and one for food. The two-in-one platter helps save space inside the cage.

A clear plastic lid helps keep the water and food clean. As we know, birds often don’t touch their food if it gets dirty.

Lift the lid when it’s time for your birds to eat.

These lids are very lightweight. So if you can train your bird, it can open the lid itself as well! The feeders are 5.7 inches tall by 4.5 inches deep. So it can hold enough food for at least two birds.


Mounts inside the cage but can be refilled from the outside
Hold food and water for two birds
Easy mounting with no screws needed
Separate compartments for food and water
Has lightweight lids that keep the food and water fresh and clean


Plastic gets smelly at times

This pigeon feeder and drinker is a great option if you have quite a few birds. One platter holds food for two pigeons. The feeder is easy to refill and also comes with a clear plastic lid that allows the birds to see their food through.

5. RentACoop DIY Dual-Port Feeder

RentACoop DIY Dual-Port Feeder Kit

Next up, we have this one from RentACoop. The biggest advantage that this feeder gives you is that you can attach it to almost anything and make it work.

You do not need a cage or a separate coop to install this. Users have made the feeder work by attaching it to cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and even old storage boxes.

All the material that you will need is included in the box. To install this device, all you need to do is screw it on. There are approximately 8 screws that hold this thing in place.

Because the feeder is screwed on and not hung, there are low chances of spillage. Your birds can get on top of the feeder and push it around, but the food will never spill.

The separate compartments help distribute the food amongst the birds. You could also use separate compartments for different kinds of food or even water.

If you decide to change locations, you can unscrew the feeder and attach it somewhere else. This thing is not permanent.

Although made of quite sturdy plastic, the material has a soft rubbery feel. This makes smaller birds and poultry more comfortable with their food station.


Screwed in place; so there is no movement and no mess
Can be attached to any kind of DIY setup; no cage necessary
Has separate compartments for different foods or water
Made of sturdy plastic but is soft to make younger birds feel more comfortable
Can be transported to any new location just by unscrewing


Lengthy setup procedure

This is a great feeder that you can attach to almost anything in your house. If you can get over the template tracing, cutting, and screwing of the product installment procedure, this thing will be quite helpful for you.

6. POPETPOP Chicken Feeder Trough

POPETPOP Chicken Feeder Trough

The design of the Popetpop chicken feeder is quite similar to the ones you see on large farms. If the designs work there, they should also work for you.

You’ll see that this feeder has separators made of steel. What this does is, lets the pigeons eat their share of food. There is no competition here.

They each get their portion, and so there is less mess as well.

The feeder is not only limited to pigeons; it can be used for poultry, cockatiel, or any kind of small bird.

Keeping your bird’s health in mind, this feeder was made with great material that is safe for them. There are no sharp edges orbits that could cut the birds or that the birds could swallow.

It has a really simple design and is easy to clean as well. You won’t have to train your birds on how to eat from these trays.

One thing to keep in mind is that these do not have any kind of lid. So if food or water is left inside for too long that it might get dirty.

You just place the feeder on something; there is no hook or screws to hold it in place. So things might get a bit messy if your birds are not polite.


Made with A grade materials that are safe for pet’s health
Separates food for the birds
Can be used for poultry, cockatiel, and any kind of small birds
Birds do not need any training to eat off of this tray


Does not have a lid to keep the food clean
Is not screwed or hooked in place, so the food could easily spill

The very affordable option from Popetpop is a great buy only if you have tamed and polite birds. As the tray is not screwed on, it could easily tip over if your bird pushes on it.

7. Rehomy Parrot Feeding Bowl Stainless Steel Bird Cage Food Water Feeder

Rehomy Parrot Feeding Bowl Stainless Steel Bird Cage Food Water Feeder

We’ll highly suggest you get this one if you have just one pet bird at home. Designed like a personal dining lounge for your pet pigeon, this one is totally adorable!

Constructed of wood, this feeder has two cups made of stainless steel. This steel has been chosen to keep your pet’s health in consideration.

You could use one cup for food and the other for water.

There is a log that your pet bird can sit on while munching on its treats in front of the cups.

You can take out the bowls and wash them without having to take out the entire tray. Also, the cups are dishwasher safe, which helps you save a lot of time!

A pack of accessories is also attached with the purchase that has thorough instructions about how to install the feeder. You get all the screws needed free with the purchase.

Unfortunately, this one, too, does not have a lid. So the food might get a bit dirty at times. But it can be screwed on, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any spillage.


Keeps water and food separate
Has a log that your bird can sit on while eating
Easy to install with instructions and accessories provided with purchase
Made of wood; looks good and lasts long as well
Stainless steel bowls are safe for your pet
Bowls can be washed in the dishwasher


Does not help keep the food clean

This cute little thing is perfect for your pet pigeon. It has separate bowls for food and water and comes with a log your bird can stand on while eating!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I buy a pigeon feeder?

You can buy pigeon feeders from a variety of places depending on your needs. If you want to buy it in person, then you can go to your local pet store look for the pigeon feeders of your choice. Many online sites sell feeders as well.

2. Is stainless steel harmful to pigeons?

No, if the bowl is made right, the feeder won’t harm the pigeons. A lot of birds eat from stainless steel bowls and are doing just fine.

3. Why is it difficult for most birds to eat from hanging feeders?

Hanging feeders are not stable. Birds come from different habitats, so all birds are not used to eating from an unstable place. Especially if you consider pigeons- they prefer to eat from stable and plain surfaces. So hanging feeder is not the best pigeon feeder.

4. What are some of the pigeons’ favorite foods?

Pigeons in the park eat bread because it has the ingredients they eat usually. Pigeons usually eat wheat and grains. They also eat limestone, and it is good for their health. Most good quality pigeon grit has limestone in them.

5. Is it okay to feed pigeons bread?

Pigeons will not be harmed if it eats bread. However, bread does not have the necessary nutrients that a pigeon needs. You have to give them food which gives them proper nutrients.


We listed these products based on the needs of all kinds of buyers. These products are the best pigeon feeders and waterers for all kinds of consumers.

If you ask us, we would recommend WSERE 3 Pack Plastic Flip Top Bird Small Poultry Feeder. It is huge; therefore, it will give less trouble for a refill. For drinkers, go for RentACoop 1L(32oz) without a doubt. It has a big reserve and automatic refill system, which will save you a lot of trouble.

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