Can a chicken swim? The Crazy Truth.

Can a chicken swim? Although chickens might not be the first animal that springs to mind when considering water, you could be surprised by these different farm animals’ swimming prowess. Chickens can definitely swim safely in shallow water for a little period of time under supervision, despite not having waterproof feathers.

This is everything you need to know about chickens and their relationship to water, whether you own chickens or are just curious. You may also want to read about the best chicken coop.

Do Chickens Enjoy Water Activities?

Can a chicken swim? Although they don’t have the same inherent swimming ability as ducks, chickens can swim easily and actually enjoy being in the water. It can be a terrific idea to let your chickens soak in water to help them escape the summer heat, keep them clean, or just for some unusual amusement.

It’s crucial to only use shallow water when introducing young hens to water. Moreover, you’ll need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t panic and begin to sink. Calmer hens are much more likely to be great swimmers. Never let hens enter a swimming pool or other large body of water. They can swim, however they may have trouble in very deep water.

You should keep an eye on how much time your chickens spend in the water while keeping an eye on them. Chickens may become exhausted and put themselves at risk of drowning since their feathers are not made to ward off water. Chickens are defenseless creatures, therefore you will need to help them dry off and get out of the water so they don’t get a chill. Chickens need your constant care and attention because, like young toddlers, they could not notice they’ve become cold after spending a lot of time in water.

To keep the risk of hypothermia as low as possible, don’t forget to dry off your chicken with a hairdryer on a low setting, unless it’s a hot day.

Could a chicken float?

The oils that ducks and other waterfowl make to keep them afloat are not produced by chickens. Fortunately, chickens do have some natural buoyancy, which would allow you to save them if you discovered them promptly after they had fallen into a deep body of water.

Are hens resistant to water?

The water you are allowing your hens to swim in needs to be shallow enough for them to avoid drowning because chickens’ feathers aren’t waterproof either.

Can a chicken swim?
Can a chicken swim?

Can Chicks Swim?

In contrast to their parents, chicks should avoid being near water, therefore you should take care to make sure they are not in danger of falling in. Due to the fact that their feathers have not yet fully formed, baby chicks are significantly more vulnerable to drowning and freezing than adult chickens are. A chick’s life can be in risk from anything, including their own drinking water or a little puddle left by the rain.

Keep chicks dry and protected from the elements, and provide them with a shallow watering hole at all times. Make sure to warm up the chick with your hands or, if possible, a heat lamp if you discover that it has fallen into water.

Swimming pools and chooks

It is quite foolish to let a chicken swim in deep water, like a swimming pool. Coupled with the depth of the water, the chlorine found in swimming pools can be extremely harmful to your chicken’s health. But, as long as you keep an eye on your chicken and offer a ramp so they can enter and exit freely, little plastic paddling pools are typically safe.


Can a chicken swim? Now that we know chickens can swim, either for recreation or to escape (which is more likely), we need to keep an eye on them whenever they go near water.

Despite the cute videos of the chicken swimming with the kids being entertaining, we should keep in mind that water is not this bird’s native habitat. Be nice and don’t force the hen to swim if she doesn’t want to.

The farm is where chickens are meant to reign, not the ocean!

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