Feeding Coronation Sussex Chickens: Best Guide

The Coronation Sussex is a heritage breed of chicken that is known for its stunning plumage, excellent meat quality, and friendly personality. If you’re considering raising Coronation Sussex chickens, it’s important to understand their nutritional needs and how to properly feed them to ensure their health and productivity.

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Dietary Requirements of the Coronation Sussex

Coronation Sussex chickens require a well-balanced diet that provides them with all the necessary nutrients they need to stay healthy and productive. Their diet should consist of a variety of foods, including:

  1. Commercial Chicken Feed: A high-quality commercial chicken feed should make up the bulk of your Coronation Sussex’s diet. Look for a feed that is specifically formulated for laying hens and contains a balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The feed should contain at least 16% protein to support the production of high-quality eggs.
  2. Fresh Greens: Chickens love to graze on fresh greens, and they are an important source of vitamins and minerals in their diet. You can provide your chickens with a variety of greens, including lettuce, kale, spinach, and dandelion greens. Greens also provide a natural source of beta-carotene, which can enhance the color of the chickens’ yolks.
  3. Grains: Chickens love grains, and they are a good source of energy and nutrients. You can provide your chickens with a variety of grains, including oats, corn, and barley. Scratch grains, which are a mixture of grains, can also be offered as a treat.
  4. Protein: Chickens require a source of protein to support the growth of feathers, muscle, and eggs. You can provide your chickens with protein through a variety of sources, including mealworms, crickets, and fish meal. It’s important to provide your chickens with a balanced source of protein, as too much or too little can be detrimental to their health.
Feeding Coronation Sussex Chickens

Feeding Schedule

Coronation Sussex chickens should be fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. It’s important to provide them with enough food to satisfy their hunger, but not so much that they become overweight or develop health problems.

A good rule of thumb is to provide your chickens with enough feed so that they can eat as much as they want in 20-30 minutes. After that, remove any uneaten food to prevent spoilage and to discourage rodents and other pests.

It’s also important to provide your chickens with fresh water at all times. Chickens require access to clean, fresh water to support their digestion, egg production, and overall health.


In addition to their regular diet, there are a few supplements that you can provide to your Coronation Sussex chickens to ensure their health and well-being:

  1. Grit: Chickens don’t have teeth, so they need grit to help grind up their food in their gizzard. Grit is small, hard stones that the chickens swallow, and it helps to break down their food. You can provide your chickens with commercial grit or you can collect small stones and gravel from outside.
  2. Calcium: Laying hens require a source of calcium to support the production of strong eggshells. You can provide your chickens with a calcium supplement, such as crushed oyster shells or eggshells that have been crushed into small pieces.
  3. Vitamin Supplements: Chickens need a variety of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and vitamin supplements can help to fill any nutritional gaps in their diet. You can provide your chickens with a vitamin supplement that is specifically formulated for chickens.

In Conclusion

Feeding Coronation Sussex chickens is relatively easy and straightforward, as long as you provide them with a well-balanced diet that meets their needs.

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