Pigeons as Pet. Are they easy to keep.

Pigeons as Pet? Pigeons are the most common pet birds around the world. They have all the right qualities to make an excellent pet. They are calm, gentle, quiet, and pretty inexpensive too. That’s why petting pigeons have been considered a popular hobby for centuries.

Pigeons are used to deliver messages in the ancient period, and they have come a long way from that. Today, these majestic birds are the loveable pets in many households worldwide. If you wonder how pigeons will be for you as pets, you have come to the right place. Today, I’ll discuss whether pigeons will actually make an excellent pet for you. So, keep reading to find out the answer.

Different characteristics that make pigeons good pet, pigeons as pet

If you are confused about petting pigeons, this article section is exclusively for you. Pigeons have many good qualities that make them popular as pets, and below I have discussed some of the qualities with you. Some reasons, pigeons as pet.


I think we can all agree about the fact that pigeons are one of the most attractive birds out there. Maybe you are used to seeing only the common ones with a grey body and purple or green neck, and those common ones are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of uncommon breeds that look super pretty. If you are looking for a bird to uplift the beauty of your home or backyard, pigeons are the best choice for you.

Pigeons as Pet
Pigeons as pet


That’s another excellent quality of pigeons. Compared to other pet birds, pigeons are pretty quiet. When you are taking a bird for petting at home, that’s a quality most people look for to maintain peace at home. Yes, some people might like the loudness of other birds like parrots, and pigeons are not completely silent either. Still, they are quiet enough, and you’ll love the soothing cooing sound they make.

Long lifespan

No one wants to pet something, only to lose it after a few years of love, affection, and care. In that regard, pigeons are pretty much future-proof. A pet pigeon can easily live for 15 to 20 years in a controlled environment. If there is no harmful interference or predator attack, your beloved bird will stay with you for a very long time. That’s another reason why you pigeons can make a good pet.


As I mentioned previously, pigeons were used to deliver messages in the ancient period. That pretty much shows just how intelligent pigeons are. As one of the intelligent birds on the planet, it can easily remember and undertake a specific task and remember its owners. They also have a pretty good personality as they will easily blend with you in time.

Low maintenance

If you are looking for something low maintenance to pet, pigeons have your back. After the initial setup of the cage of vaccination, pigeons are very easy to take care of. They can also adapt to household routines in no time. Some might disagree about this fact, as pigeons make a mess by pooping. But still, compared to the pets, pigeons remain as one of the low-maintenance birds out there.

Purchasing the pigeons

Assuming I have convinced you to adopt a pigeon, let’s get to the purchase part. The first thing you need to decide is the budget and what breed of pigeon you want to purchase. If you are not confident enough, you should consult with an expert to help you decide.

Then, you have to find a place to purchase the pigeons. Many bird stores or even online shops out there sell pigeons. But if you ask me, the best place to get a pigeon is a local breeder. They follow strict breeding techniques, and you can also go and check on the pigeon before the purchase. If you don’t have a local breed, online shops might be the next best stop for you.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: which is the best place for pigeons?

The answer to this question really varies from person to person. You can either keep it in your backyard or inside your home; the decision is entirely up to you. As for compatibility, pigeons are widely compatible with both indoor and outdoor environments. Pigeons are really good at withstanding cold, so if you place it outside, the only thing you have to ensure is safety. As for inside placement, pigeons can live with families without any issues.

A few drawbacks to consider

Apart from the tons of convincing reasons, there are some minor cons that you should be prepared for before adopting pigeons. Before I begin, I want you to know that none of these will be a deal-breaker. But before your regret your decision later, it’s good to know what you are getting into.

So, the first issue you are going to get is health-related. Pigeons often get diseases, and you always have to be prepared for that. Additionally, even some diseases can spread to the human body through breathing. Though the chance of getting that type of disease is quite rare, you should know about it beforehand.

The next issue, and its the only major concern, is the constant need for cleaning. Let’s face it, pigeons poop all day and are infamous for making a huge mess inside the cage. If you are someone who is lazy about keeping things clean, you should think twice. Choose a good cage.


Pigeons as Pet? That’s a wrap for today. I hope through the article, I have shown you enough reasons why pigeons can be a great addition to your home pet project. They are sweet, easy to tame, easy to breed, and comparatively quieter than many pet birds out there.

On top of that, there are tons of different breeds you can choose according to your liking. If you are convinced enough at this point, all left to do is take pigeons for yourself and get to petting. I assure you you’ll love it.

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