Top 10 Best Supplies for Chickens: Essentials for a Happy Flock

Raising chickens can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, whether you’re a seasoned poultry keeper or a beginner embarking on your backyard farming journey. To ensure the well-being of your feathered friends and make your chicken-keeping experience a success, it’s essential to have the right supplies on hand. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 best supplies for chickens, covering everything from coop essentials to health and safety items.

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1. Chicken Coop

A secure and comfortable chicken coop is the heart of your flock’s home. It provides shelter from the elements, protection from predators, and a safe place for your chickens to roost and lay eggs. Ensure the coop is well-ventilated and designed to accommodate your flock’s size.

Top 10 Best Supplies for Chickens
Chicken in grass on a farm.

2. Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are where your hens will lay their eggs. Providing clean and cozy nesting boxes with straw or wood shavings will encourage them to lay their eggs in the designated area. Each nesting box can accommodate several hens, depending on their breed.

3. Chicken Feeders

Invest in high-quality chicken feeders to ensure your flock receives the nutrition they need. There are various feeder types available, including hanging feeders, automatic feeders, and treadle feeders. Choose one that suits your setup and flock size.

4. Waterers

Clean and fresh water is crucial for your chickens’ health. Chicken waterers come in various styles, such as gravity-fed, nipple, and heated waterers for colder climates. Make sure your waterer is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Bedding Material

Provide a comfortable and clean bedding material in your coop and nesting boxes. Common options include straw, wood shavings, or pine pellets. Regularly change and replenish the bedding to maintain hygiene.

6. Chicken Feed

Select the appropriate chicken feed based on your flock’s age and purpose. Chickens require different types of feed at various stages of life, such as chick starter, grower, layer, or broiler feed. High-quality feed ensures proper nutrition for your chickens.

7. Grit and Oyster Shells

Grit helps chickens grind their food in their gizzards, aiding digestion. Oyster shells provide a calcium source, crucial for eggshell formation in laying hens. Offering these supplements ensures your chickens’ dietary needs are met.

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8. Chicken Treats

Treats like scratch grains, mealworms, or kitchen scraps can be used to supplement your chickens’ diet and provide enrichment. Treats should be given in moderation to prevent nutritional imbalances.

9. Health Supplies

Maintaining your chickens’ health is paramount. Keep a first-aid kit for chickens stocked with essentials like poultry-specific antibiotics, wound care products, and a thermometer. Regularly check for signs of illness and consult a veterinarian if needed.

10. Predator Protection

Predators can pose a threat to your flock, especially at night. Invest in predator-proofing supplies such as hardware cloth, locks, and motion-activated lights to keep your chickens safe.

Bonus: Egg Collection Basket or Carton

If you’re raising chickens for eggs, having a designated egg collection basket or carton on hand makes gathering fresh eggs a breeze. It also helps protect the eggs from damage.


Ensuring you have the right supplies for chickens is essential to their well-being and the success of your poultry-keeping venture. From a secure coop to nutritious feed and health supplies, these top 10 essentials and a few bonus items will help you raise a happy, healthy flock and enjoy the benefits of fresh eggs and the charming presence of your feathered friends. Remember to provide your chickens with care, attention, and love, and they will reward you with delicious eggs and companionship for years to come.

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