Top 7 Chicken That Lays Eggs

Chickens, like cats and dogs and other domesticated animals, can be found in a wide range of breeds, each of which has been developed through centuries of selective breeding to produce a particular set of characteristics. But what is the best chicken that lays eggs?

The end result is that different types of chickens are better suited to various jobs. You’re in luck if you want a chicken breed that is great at laying eggs. List of the top 7 egg-laying chicken breeds.

You may also want to know what to feed your chickens for laying eggs. It is important to give your chickens the best chicken feed. There are also great layer feed available.

Top 7 chicken that lays eggs:

7. Brahma

The Brahma, who typically weighs 10 pounds or more, is a large but docile breed. Brahmas are exceptional egg layers, and they are also somewhat exceptional in that they do not stop laying eggs or lay at a reduced rate during the winter months, when many other breeds do.


6. Sussex

Another variety of chicken bred in Britain is the Sussex. The Sussex serves multiple purposes, from meat producer to egg layer to entertaining exhibit at poultry fairs. Although the Sussex hen can lay up to 250 eggs annually, this is a rare breed that is not recommended for beginners.

sussex chicken

5. Orpington

The Orpington reaches maturity rapidly, is calm and cooperative, requires little effort from the farmer, and lays over 200 eggs annually. Why wouldn’t you like them? Although they can be found in other, less common colors, the Orpington is best known for its buff coloring because it was developed in Britain. It is also common to see Orpingtons at poultry shows.

orpington chicken

4. Red Star

Chickens of the Red Star breed are a hybrid variety developed by crossing two specific breeds; they are also known as Red Sex-Links because the sex of the chicks can be easily determined after hatching. They have the potential to produce 300 eggs annually, making them an excellent laying hen.

red star chicken
The Red Star is one of the best chicken that lays eggs.

3. Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red (named for the state that played a significant role in the breed’s development) is one of the most notable contributions to chicken keeping made by the United States. This breed’s popularity is well-deserved, as the birds are both lovely and productive. Similarly to the Leghorn, there are both commercial and heritage strains of this breed, with the commercial strain being better suited to egg production and the heritage strain being more of a general-purpose bird.

Rhode Island Red chicken

2. Plymouth Rock

The large Plymouth Rock breed was one of the most popular in the United States when backyard chicken coops were common. This multi-tasking bird’s popularity stems from the fact that it requires little in the way of maintenance and is pleasant to interact with. And when you consider that Plymouth Rock hens lay an average of four eggs per week (or 200 per year), you have a recipe for success.

Plymouth Rock chicken

1. Leghorn

The Leghorn is a must-mention in any discussion about the best chickens for laying eggs. Leghorns, named after a town in Italy where the breed partially originated, are the stars of the American egg industry due to their famed ability to efficiently convert feed into eggs. Leghorns come in two varieties: one is bred specifically for commercial use, while the other is considered a “heritage” breed and is better suited to a backyard setting. Keep in mind that Leghorns are not the most user-friendly birds.

chicken that lays eggs
The Leghorn is the best chicken that lays eggs.

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