What to feed an injured pigeon?

Personally, I love having a feathery visitor every now and then. Pigeons are no different for me. They are incredibly gentle and kind birds who demand less even when they feel blue. But that’s the catch. Taking care of an injured pigeon can be pretty tricky, given that they might also stop eating or drinking because of any injury or internal complications that they may be facing. What to feed an injured pigeon?

However, if you find a pigeon who is ill or has come by searching for what to do with an injured pigeon, you must take matters into your own hands and try to provide the best care possible. To know how you can aid and help your feathery friend to recover fast, keep reading!

What to feed an injured pigeon:

Before you jump in to assist with every care that the pigeon needs, it’s better to take your cute friend to the vet first. You must think twice each step of the way before feeding and taking care of it. Needless to say, going at it without any prior knowledge and research is a big no-no.

Once you understand how and what you need to do about the pigeon’s health, you can try feeding the following foods to your pigeon. Ensure that you also get an all-clear from the vet and consult them about the pigeon’s feeding habits before if possible.

What to feed an injured pigeon
What to feed an injured pigeon?

1. Hydration

First and foremost, any sick dove or pigeon must be in dire need of hydration. To neutralize their hydration and electrolyte levels, you must prepare an electrolyte concoction. Add in a ping of salt sugar to a cup of warm water. Stir the mix to dissolve and offer it to the pigeon.

Generally, pigeons don’t mind drinking during an illness especially, if it’s thirsty. They will use their beaks as straws to suck in the solution.

2. Wild Bird Seeds

What to feed an injured pigeon? If the pigeon is drinking water, it’s a good sign. Thus, the next job for you would be to offer it some nutritional foods that will help them in gaining back some strength. Wild bird seeds can cater to some of the specific pigeon’s needs.

Offer the seeds in a bowl or spread them out in front of your guest or pet. If the pigeon is your pet, you can try stuffing the seeds in their hanging feeder as well. Make sure you buy a sufficient hanging feeder for pigeons.

3. Safflower Seeds

Safflower seeds are high in fiber, fat, and protein. Therefore, they have endless nutritional value for birds. These seeds are a favorite for pigeons, but the best part is that they are super affordable and healthy.

Truth be told, safflowers isn’t just a best seller for pigeons, but many other songbirds love them too. Pigeons usually swallow it whole; thus, it doesn’t leave behind a huge mess of leftover shells to clean either.

4. Corn Or Unpopped Popcorn

What to feed an injured pigeon, corn? Believe it or not, popcorns have high nutritional value for birds. Popped, unpopped popcorns or corns are whole grains that have high fiber and low sugar. Popcorns have unmatched iron content but, it no digestible carbohydrates.

However, you must be careful with the kind of popcorn you’re providing to the bird. The right type of popcorn for pigeons is the air-popped kernels. You can source unadulterated, plain kernels easily for birds.

5. Grit

Doves and pigeons don’t actually need grits to digest their foods – this is an age-old myth that many people still believe to this day. However, it’s not a good idea to overfeed grit to pigeons either since they’re pretty salty.

It goes without saying that these are yummy to pigeons. Hence, they might get on an overdrive. On the contrary, grits have high calcium and mineral, which can benefit the pigeon’s long-term health.

6. Vegetables

If you don’t have access to bird feed, you can try feeding the pigeon some minced seeds, kernels, bell peppers, lima beans, edamame, cauliflower, broccoli carrots, unsalted chopped nuts, and cooked or raw lentils, quinoa, or rice.

7. Peas

An easy and gentle way to head start a pigeon’s digestive system is by offering then hand-fed frozen peas. Ensure that you’re not feeding them frozen peas. Moreover, you must also thaw them in warm water to avoid choking.

Hand-feeding is the best option, especially if the pigeon is too weak to eat independently or uninterested in eating overall. Simple wrap them in a towel to keep them warm, and gently open its beak to put in the peas.

They will swallow it on their own and automatically. Start slow, with around five or six peas, and then gradually boost the intake once they start pooping.

A Few More Do’s With Injured Pigeons:

  • Simply providing them with the best possible diet for injured pigeons isn’t enough. They need high maintenance and constant care, and surveillance. Follow these straightforward tips to enhance your care.
  • Always pick up the ill pigeon with care and approach it slowly to avoid getting scared or stressed.
  • Locate it in a dark and comfortable area to minimize their anxiety. Covering the dark cage with a blanket is also a great option.
  • Keep them warm at all times. Besides surrounding them with soft and comfortable cages, it’s also necessary to keep them warm. Blankets, hot water bags, or clothing should do the trick.
  • Injured birds must never get dehydrated. For what it’s worth, they have probably arrived at your humble abode feeling extremely dehydrated and thirsty. Other than the electrolyte solution, try hydrating them continuously.
  • If you’re unable to care for them, relocate them to a caring facility or a friend who can give them the best care. Walking away isn’t the kind of response that one should even consider at this stage.


What to feed an injured pigeon? You don’t have to be a bird lover to hate to see them suffer. Just like a human in need of help and assistance, birds and other animals seek some aid from their coexisting partners often. It’s hard to know and understand what’s best for them.

However, if you wish to give them proper care, start by checking in with vets or experts. Nothing would beat adequate medical attention. Moreover, the guides that we’ve mentioned should help you tremendously in the coming days. But, most importantly, it might help your new or old friend is having a fighting chance to live a long and free life.

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